Melbourne, 7 June 2020, 6:13 pm

Scholarship and Job Interview Masterclass



Due to demand, from 1 January 2020, scholarship, school and job interview Masterclasses are only available to current and past students.


Goals and Purpose: to assist in preparation for a scholarship, school or job interview presenting a wide range of interview training skills, rigorous mock interview questions, body language analysis, social skills, presentation skills, voice production and diction and key elements of etiquette that may enable a student to stand out from the crowd. This brief Masterclass series aims to empower and equip a student for such an important event.

Age Group: all ages

Suggested frequency: It is suggested that applicants attend a maximum of two sessions prior to the interview date.

Confirmation: When you reply to our booking email with your date preference you will be sent a confirmation email with session details including the address in Brighton.

Session fee: flat fee of $100, payable in cash or by credit card (3% surcharge). We do not watch the clock. A typical session is 1.25 hours. We conclude when everyone is content and we all feel like we have achieved something.

Strict Cancellation Policy: It is requested that 48 hours notice is required for a cancellation or the full fee is payable. No more appointments are made until the fee is paid. With considerate notice, we can offer the appointment to another family. Thank you for your cooperation.

This session is not covered by Medicare or private health insurance.


To request availability and more details please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.