Melbourne, 7 June 2020, 8:11 pm

Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass



Special Ongoing Offer: Bring a friend! A sibling! Enrol two students in this class in the same term and only pay for one student* (Conditions apply)


The Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass for 5 - 7 year old boys and girls will focus on the early development of:

  • resilience
  • social and emotional skills
  • self-respect
  • manners
  • how to make friends
  • how to deal with bullies
  • public speaking
  • preparing for and settling in to school socially and emotionally
  • building a healthy self-confidence

The key elements of the curriculum align with the current LONGFORD & FRASER and SHINE Academy for Girls programs but are tailored in their pitch and delivery to the younger age group.

For further details on the curriculum click here:





Day of the week: Saturday



Age group: 5 - 7 year olds (We enrol up to 7 years and 6 months)



Program duration: 8 weeks only, the same curriculum is presented once every term. If your child enjoys the eight-week program they may repeat the program if required.



Next program commences:


Term 1, 2020 - Saturday 1 February 2020 (BOOKED OUT)



Term 2, 2020 - Saturday 18 April 2020 (Regretfully cancelled COVID-19)



Term 3, 2020 - Saturday 18 July 2020



Term 4, 2020 - Saturday 10 October 2020





Time: 11.00am – 12.15pm




Class capacity: 20 students




Class gender: mixed




Class environment: supportive, friendly, inspiring high standards




Tutors: Melissa Anderson and Julia Hall




Class activities: games, role-play, competitions, pair and trio work, basic manners drills, gentle feedback, repetition of skills using fun and innovative teaching methods




Location: Brighton Grammar Middle School, Rosstrevor gate entrance. Entrance is 80m east of the corner New & Allee Streets, Brighton, Melbourne




Term Fee: $495 for 8 weeks.

($61.90 per week)





Please note: In taking advantage of the “Enrol two students and pay for one” offer, you agree that in the event one of the pair is unable to attend in the particular term in which they enrolled, that both students will need to move to a new term. You acknowledge and agree that the two students are enrolling as a pair.



Regarding payment for the “Enrol two students and pay for one” offer -
Step 1: Each family submits an enrolment form.
Step 2: One payment in full is made. One family reimburses the other family their 50% share of the fee. We do not accept part payments.







Girls or Boys


Enquiries: (03) 9592 4948





I commend you for taking the initiative to create a resilience and confidence masterclass to young children. In a world most often ruled by me, mine and I, where self-expression can border lack of respect towards others, courses such as The Junior Resilience Masterclass no doubt contributes to a better world, where we (young and old) are reminded to act thoughtfully and kindly towards others.

We parents don’t always know the right words to say to prepare our children to deal with difficult situations such as bullying and the course also offered great notes allowing that I can continue to reinforce the message at home. Just the other day, Joshua was upset with something I did and I encourage him to tell me what was wrong with his ‘Hero voice’, instantly his poise changed and he was able to look me in the eye and express his unhappiness in a healthy manner.

So thank you and Longford & Fraser for the outstanding program.

Suzana Bishop, mother of Joshua, aged 6, St Leonards College




Our daughter Mimi thoroughly enjoyed the Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass.  So much so that she skipped a birthday party and a day at the beach as she refused to miss a lesson.  That’s a testament to you and your team Melissa. Knowing how to engage young children, teaching them invaluable interpersonal skills and building confidence that that will take them through life in the most fun way is extraordinary.  We feel very pleased to have been part of this course and look forward to sending Mimi to the next program when she gets a little older (she is already asking to come back).

Thank you.

Prue and Tom

Mimi age 6
Haileybury College




Thank you once again, Melissa, for the wonderful work you do.  Our son, Sebastian attended your recent Resilience Program and gained so much from it.  He is often a little nervous with activities and we were not sure how he would go with the class.  We need not have been concerned.  After his first lesson, he walked out declaring “I loved it!”  After each class, we witnessed the same enthusiasm.


Each week we also saw a new glimmer of confidence and knowledge growing in Sebastian which was such a pleasure to see.  Sebastian completed the program a few weeks ago now but is still talking how about how kind the teachers were and how much fun it was.  He also comes out with little pieces of wisdom we did not know he possessed.  Things to do with handling new situations, the difference in aggression and assertiveness, dealing with friends and so much more.  We cannot believe what a big impact a one-term program has had on him.


We thank you so much once again for all your wonderful work with the children.  It is a much needed and appreciated task and one you do with such excellence.


Lee and Mark, Blackburn




Isabelle thoroughly enjoyed the course and was eager to share what she had learnt after each session. The weekly handouts were a valuable insight into what was being covered and allowed us to go through some of the role-play scenarios to see how much she had taken in. We believe Isabelle has gained in self-confidence and has a better understanding of what behaviour is appropriate in certain situations. We will be considering enrolling her in further classes when she reaches the right age.


Thanks once again for your hard work and probably see you again when Izzy hits the right age!




Nick, father of Isabelle, 5, Beaumaris PS




Symone has been enjoying her "emotions classes" as she calls it. I have certainly observed a big reduction in her whining behaviour, speaking voice, attitude towards being the best in everything and winning every possible trophy in school. I cannot thank you enough for emphasising the same issues that we keep telling her at home. I guess coming from another adult, she is able to understand better that mum and dad are not just being mean for trying to get her to act like a 6-year-old rather than a 2 or 3-year-old.

Yewande Adelaja, mother of Symone, St Margarets School. Berwick



Tom thoroughly enjoyed the Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass and very much looked forward to attending each week. He acquired some valuable interpersonal skills through engrossing and exciting class activities and was keen to implement what he had learnt each week.  He would often later recount what was taught and demonstrated in class and be smiling or even laughing whilst doing so, as it was taught in a manner which absolutely engaged a boy of his age. We were delighted with both the teaching methods and broad curriculum, which encouraged Tom's understanding of core values and his own self-awareness. What you teach are valuable learnings for life, and should be part of any child's complete education.


Valentina, Mother of Tom Jorgensen, Brighton Grammar School.




"Our daughter Mia attended the Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass with the Shine Academy at age 6 and a half. The actual course was of great benefit to Mia, as a result of attending the class we have seen her grow in both confidence and her own character.    


The classroom environment at Shine was exceptional. Melissa and the staff create a learning environment that was both challenging and engaging for Mia, and at the same time, Mia found it a lot of fun! We would certainly recommend this course to other parents as something that can add a great deal of positive outcomes and thinking for their kids."


Peter Bainbridge, father of Mia, aged 6, Hawthorn West PS




The confidence and resilience masterclass is a precious gift for life. It has given my daughter the confidence to speak out in real life situations. She repeats the role-plays she has participated within class before attending a party or hosting friends for a playdate. Knowing that it's expected that good behaviour wins the day gives her the strength to follow through.


The realisation that she can simply say, " Stop it, I don't like it", and it works has amazed her and she is using endlessly with her younger sibling who is quite more the extrovert and more active in character.


(Name withheld). A female student aged 6, Moorabbin PS




Kai really enjoyed the class and he always had lots of fun.
We think the program was very well organized and professionally run by you and Miss Buckley.


Thanks again for teaching Kai some skills for life.
All the best for you and your team.

Many kind regards


Sylvia and Rob, parents of Kai, aged 5, Sandringham PS




Our son Byron aged 6 years old thoroughly enjoyed the Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass. 

He loved all the role-playing in different social situations, allowing him to understand real life scenarios.
He learnt a lot about manners, being respectful and how to take "No" as an answer and not to get upset.
He built a healthy self-confidence, learning to use a big strong voice in public, which in turn got him the role as "Joseph" in the school play!
I will certainly send my second son to this course as I think it’s a course for life!


Thank you for everything.


Nicole Bennett, mum of Byron, aged 6, Black Rock PS




We enrolled our daughter Hannah in the Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass to provide her with another opportunity to improve her confidence, build emotional resilience and practice assertiveness. We are thrilled that during the course she has done all this and more! We admit to having had high expectations of SHINE Academy following our attendance at one of Melissa's Information Sessions. However, we have been thoroughly impressed with SHINE Academy, the curriculum and staff. Hannah has absolutely loved the relaxed learning environment and looked forward to every class. She is eager to continue at SHINE in 2013 and we would, without hesitation, recommend the course to others.


Thank you, Melissa, for making it such a wonderful experience for Hannah. She is very much looking forward to continuing next year.


Sally & David Beaton, parents of Hannah, aged 6, Firbank




James' initial reluctance to attend the Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass was quickly dismissed after the first class.  He came out bouncing and beaming and said, "Can I come back here again tomorrow?".  We never looked back and he remained an eager participant throughout the course.  His retention of the core concepts underpinning each session has surprised us and attribute this to the fun learning approach through games and role-play.  He largely tries to put concepts learnt into practice and has started recognising when he needs to modify his behaviour or response to a situation.  He will often say, "Miss Anderson would say….".  This self-awareness has developed considerably since doing the course.  I wholeheartedly believe every child can benefit from what Longford and Fraser has to offer and have recommended it to many people and will continue to do so.   


We are all looking forward to continued learning with Longford and Fraser.


Sarndra, Mum of James, Grade 1




"Thank you for running such a valuable course. Jamie Foulkes has really enjoyed the Resilience Master Class. He has learned how to act appropriately in challenging situations and has gained so much confidence with the help of Melissa.


Charlotte, mum of Jamie, Brighton Beach PS




With both of our girls attending Shine's 7-10 year old program, our son, John, was happy to have the opportunity to attend the Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass. He loved it from the very first day and was so excited to share what was covered in each class. From our perspective, it provided wonderful reinforcement of the life lessons and skills we teach in our home, but in a supportive and fun atmosphere with his peers. From accepting defeat gracefully to using table manners, he was eager to share each of his lessons and practice them during the week. Towards the end of the term, I explained that since we are moving overseas his last class was quickly approaching. His response, "Mum, do you mean I will never get to go back to Shine ever in my whole life?"


Maria & Bryan, John age 5, Haileybury College




Our 6 year old thoroughly enjoyed the Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass. Saturday quickly became her favourite day of the week. She loved the interaction and challenging content of this program and we have noticed a marked difference in her confidence, self belief and attitude towards issues or situations that previously would have been tricky for her to navigate.Thanks Melissa for such a wonderful program, we now have a 6-year-old who is armed with wonderful strategies for the classroom and the playground, and life in general!


We are all delighted!


Hamish, Isabel and Indianna, St James PS, Brighton




“Amy thoroughly enjoyed attending the Junior Resilience and Confidence Masterclass. Your style was very engaging and Amy enjoyed the games and role playing. While we do emphasise the importance of manners at home this has definitely been great reinforcement and has also given us some great ways to initiate conversations on how to deal with particular situations. Amy has seemed less stressed by situations that occur in the school yard and more confident in asserting herself. Even though we have had to travel a fair distance each week to attend the course we feel it was time well spent. Amy looks forward to joining in more Shine programs in the years to come. Thank you for putting together such a great program, we wish there were more like it on our side of town.”


Alison and David, parents of Amy aged 6, Westmeadows PS




Our son Lachie appeared reluctant at first but after winning a game on his first day, he couldn't wait to go back. He enjoyed the weekly life lessons, meeting new friends, but, most importantly, learning 'how a handshake should be done Mum and Dad!'.


Thanks Melissa and the team - a fantastic program, looking forward to the next one.


Mandy & Guy, Lachie aged 6, Elsternwick Primary School




Firstly I would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you for providing such an amazing course. Massimo has thoroughly enjoyed the course. Massimo is already asking when he can go back after this term finishes!


It has been so warming to see how excited Massimo is to attend your sessions and even more warming to see and hear the things he is taking away from the course. He often talks of not only the content of the course but also the friendships he has made. Such a credit to you and Ms Buckley.


Thank you again for all that you have done with Massimo - we are truly grateful to you.


Suzanne Serra, mother of Massimo, aged 6, St Theresa’s PS




"I wanted to tell you too that Isabella after about the third lesson asked if she could go to your school during the day as she enjoys it so much. If only it was that easy, ha ha!!”


Kara Lowe, mother of Isabella Lowe-King, aged 6, Seaford North PS