Melbourne, 7 June 2020, 6:03 pm

About Us

LONGFORD & FRASER Leadership Academy for Boys
was launched in 2010 and is the brother organisation of SHINE Academy for Girls.

Together, the two organisations aim to foster a generation of disciplined, confident, self-assured, self-respecting and respectful young people.

The four LONGFORD & FRASER programs together offer a pro-active strategy, building the social and emotional skills of boys early in life.

Prevention is common sense. Early learning of coping skills equips a future generation to handle the ups and downs of life with competence, courage and confidence.

We don't do labels - preferring to focus on a child's strengths and, after building rapport, gently and diplomatically address areas for development. We are all atypical to some degree and putting students in boxes stigmatises and limits possibilities.

Our programs develop the qualities of leadership, resilience, assertiveness and mental strength. Today, parents recognise the importance of learning these skill sets as early as possible so they may be mastered ready for the teenage years and adulthood.

People appreciate, admire and find it refreshing to meet boys who are emotionally and socially intelligent.